Kristina Tool – Design Strategist in Milan

Kristina Tool is a design strategist. She helps businesses and professionals to innovate processes, services and connections by means of a Client Experience Audit. Using this unique user-centered approach, she uncovers the “pain-points” that clients – or potential clients – … Continue reading

Karen Rigatti, Professional Counselor in Milan

Karen Rigatti is a Certified Professional Counselor here in Milan, working with both individuals and couples. She specializes in helping clients navigate challenging periods in their lives, whether professional or personal. Her areas of expertise include cross-cultural relationship issues, … Continue reading

Interview with Daniel Shillito, Financial Advisor

Daniel Shillito Is a personal financial planner providing assistance for professionals and business owners. His particular area of expertise is advice for expats and clients moving between various countries or those retiring or investing abroad. His personal experience of … Continue reading