Kristina Tool – Design Strategist in Milan

Kristina ToolKristina Tool is a design strategist. She helps businesses and professionals to innovate processes, services and connections by means of a Client Experience Audit. Using this unique user-centered approach, she uncovers the “pain-points” that clients – or potential clients – might suffer during interactions.

She applies design principles – using visuals, mapping, and prototyping. In her interactive process, she helps organizations gain insights on their customers’ values and then helps them to develop an action plan to benefit from this new understanding.

Kristina has taught design and worked on design projects in the USA, Europe and in the Middle East. She collaborates with cross disciplinary teams to help non-profits and businesses reach their goals through innovating their approach.

An American born in New York, Kristina grew up in New Jersey. Before arriving in Milan, she lived in Breckenridge, Colorado for many years. After graduating from college, she was not quite ready to enter the world of high heels and skirts so she started her professional life as a ski instructor.
Eventually she tired of having to find a summer job every year and put her art degree to practical use as an interior designer working on resort development projects in the Colorado Rocky Mountains.

She earned her BA (art and psychology) from Middlebury College, Middlebury, Vermont and has studied also at University College, University of London and Rhode Island School of Design. She earned her Master’s in Design from Domus Academy, Milan, Italy where she currently resides.

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