Interview with Daniel Shillito, Financial Advisor

Daniel ShillitoDaniel Shillito Is a personal financial planner providing assistance for professionals and business owners. His particular area of expertise is advice for expats and clients moving between various countries or those retiring or investing abroad.

His personal experience of living as an expatriate gives him an inside perspective on the challenges of financial planning across borders.  He is uniquely suited to help navigate the complexity of investing, planning for retirement and effective tax structuring within the Italian financial environment.

As an independent professional, his advice is not linked or tied to any one financial institution or product provider.

Daniel is a qualified and experienced Financial Adviser, CPA (Certified Public Accountant) and mortgage broker.

Originally from Sydney, Australia, he has worked in the US as well as in Switzerland and London and is now based here in Milan where he lives with his Italian wife and their 2 children.

He can be reached on his Italian mobile number 345 5678 414, or via email at  Read more about Daniel Shillito here.

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