Deirdre Doyle, Real Estate Agent in Milan

Deirdre Doyle - Real Estate Agent Milan, ItalyDeirdre Doyle is the managing director and owner of Property International, a
real estate agency in Milan. Property International offers a variety of services that includes renting, selling and management of residential and commercial property.

Originally from Ireland and her father who was a doctor, moved her family to Tanzania when she was only seven years old. She grew up pretty quickly due to the challenging circumstances the family faced in those days: only basic necessities were available and no entertainment except for books and the sea; parks and reserves were second nature to her. She grew up savvy for Africa but completely unprepared for European life of boarding schools and universities.

Her education was in Dublin and she had to travel back and forth frequently gradually getting accustomed to “civilization”. Moving was second nature to her and she was always fascinated by buildings and decided to dedicate her professional life to bricks and mortar. Her next stop was Milan, Italy where she has lived ever since.

She has been an active part of the expatriate community and member of European chambers of commerce and international associations for many years.

Deirdre has her Italian Real Estate license since 1982. Her specialization is serving expats, whose needs she understands firsthand. She and her international staff offer professional personalized service tailored to clients moving to Milan from all over the world. All aspects are coordinated: locating the perfect home, overseeing a seamless handover from owner to tenant, assisting with details after move-in and with closing the contract at the end of the term. Renting an apartment in Milan is made as painless as possible.

Deirdre loves this profession because she feels that behind every wall, there is a story of people and lives. Property International’s owners include famous politicians, actors, nobility and just plain Mr. Smith but they are all treated with the same confidentiality and respect. Among the clients renting an apartment in Milan are multinationals, banks, consulates and also families and young people with more modest requests. The staff of Property International always do our best to advise and deliver and are proud of our transparency and sincerity which is always appreciated.

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